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Fr. Joseph Hattie, 50th Anniversary

Fr. Joe was for a number of years a spiritual advisor to the board of CLC NS.  Happy 50th Father!

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Our 7th Annual March for Life

  Audio ….here
Speakers Ellen Chesal, Larry Worthen, Andre Turcotte

Campaign Life is on a mission to prevent the dangerous chemical abortion pill RU-486 from entering Canada. RU-486 is a lethal drug that kills a developing human being in the womb at 5-7 weeks gestation. It has a long history of serious side effects including severe bleeding and death for women who take it. We must protect our women and children.

National March for Life Ottawa pictures etc. …here

March for Life 2014

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We have disturbing news.

This morning May 22, 201the Québec government re-introduced its euthanasia bill in the identical form as Bill 52 before the Québec election. The Québec Premier forced the Liberal members to support the introduction of the euthanasia bill. Since there was no opposition to the re-introduction of the bill, it has returned to the stage it was at before the election (second reading stage).

This means that Québec may pass its lethal euthanasia law next week….more go  to …